Since version 5.0.27 of Notakey Appliance CLI tools it is possible to specify password for REDIS distributed cache service. 

Enable password for REDIS service. 

# configure password
[ntkadmin@naa/dc1]$ ntk cfg set redis.secret mysecret
# restart service to apply changes 
[ntkadmin@naa/dc1]$ ntk redis restart

Ensure that password is set for redis access:

[ntkadmin@naa/dc1]$ docker exec -it redis redis-cli
redis> auth mysecret
redis> OK

Configure REDIS authentication for NtkAS service.

[ntkadmin@naa/dc1]$ ntk cfg set :nas.redis_url "redis://default:mysecret@"
[ntkadmin@naa/dc1]$ ntk as restart

Configure REDIS authentication for NtkSSO service.

# set password
[ntkadmin@naa/dc1]$ ntk cfg set :sso.base.\"store.redis.password\" mysecret
# configure REDIS for SSO service, skip if already configured
[ntkadmin@naa/dc1]$ ntk cfg set :sso.base.\"store.type\" redis
# use hostname redis instead of IP to connect to local redis service
[ntkadmin@naa/dc1]$ ntk cfg set :sso.base.\"\"
# restart to apply changes
[ntkadmin@naa/dc1]$ ntk sso restart