Though the number of requests towards Notakey Authentication Server  (NtkAS) service tends to be low, there can be cases where this has to be increased. 

$ ntk cfg get :nas.custom_params
# Verify that there are no additional custom parameters
# If there are node, run the following
$ ntk cfg set :nas.custom_params "RAILS_MAX_THREADS=256"
# If there are additional custom params, concatenate all params with comma
$ ntk cfg set :nas.custom_params "NOTAKEY_MESSENGER_TIMEOUT=5,RAILS_MAX_THREADS=256"
$ ntk as restart

This will allocate 256 processing threads for processing incoming requests. Value can be freely adjusted as required, but larger numbers will require more RAM and CPU resources.

Use "docker stats" and "ntk sys perf" commands to monitor your load and adjust hardware resources as required.